We’d just left the hospital from hearing the wonderful news that you were a boy. The sonographer’s words “I don’t have to check twice for that. He’s sat there legs spread in the air, saying look at my willy Mum and Dad” … Mum & Dad, wow! It was really hitting home now that we would be parents. Your Dad rang a close family member to break the news, you were a boy and the response we got was not one we were hoping.

“That’s wonderful. You want a boy first so the next has an older brother” The next? We haven’t even had one yet. And your Dad and I both only ever wanted one… you! The years it took for you to arrive, I simply couldn’t take the heartache of wishing for another.

I’ve been stopped by strangers in the supermarket who have asked me if I’m having anymore and when I’ve told them no, they’ve made unwanted remarks. “Wait till he grows up,” they say “you’ll miss the baby phase and want another” but does it have to be like that? Yes, one day you’ll no longer be the little baby that we can cradle to sleep when he cries. But you’ll be a whole lot more. A strong little man with a huge personality, heck that’s already you!

And we vow to cherish each new and exciting moment rather than long for one that has already passed. We vow to remember each milestone as we watch you storm through many more. We won’t wish for you to stop growing but stand proudly beside you as you do. We will l teach you to walk, to read, to tie your school tie and to write a CV, and sure we’ll shed a little tear when we look back at the times when all these things were a mystery, but we’ll relish in the fact we went through it all together, as a family of three. We don’t need another, for you are our only. And you are our everything.

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