I’m not a huge present person. I’ve always been more of an experience gift kinda person. I’d rather go on a day out or do an activity than receive a gift. And that’s why I think a Christmas Eve box will remain a transition in our house. We will fill it with activities to do together, as he gets older I plan on creating plates for Santa’s mince pie, baking cookies, watching films and drinking hot chocolate, building our own Christmas Eve traditions together as a family. So this year I’ve started with the box. I’ve filled it with a couple of things for his first Christmas Eve to spend quality time together and if nothing else, create some memories for Me and Josh as our first one as parents


The standard staple of a Christmas eve box. I decided as he won’t receive them until the night, to get some none festive PJs he can get more wear out of. These are from Toucan Toucan who create wonderful colourful patterns, which I know Tommy is just going to love. Sizing for these are on the larger side so he could be wearing these until next Christmas. Good job they’re so bloody lovely! They are super soft, comfy and made from Organic cotton. The dinosaur pattern is so fun and colourful, but also gender neutral. I seriously cannot wait to see how cute he looks in these.


I originally wanted ‘The Night before Christmas’ but couldn’t get it in size small enough, but his pop up Christmas book I know Tommy will absolutely adore and will be magical for him for a few more years. I got this from my local Usborne book rep. Not exactly a small business as such, but the majority of the reps are mums just trying to earn a bit of extra income to be able to spend more time with their families, which I think is very relatable to most of us.

Magic Key

This is one of the things that will go over Tommy’s head this year, but it will be a great opportunity to start traditions, build memories and make for some fab first Christmas photos. With being made from wood I’m hoping it lasts for years and will make a lovely keepsake when he’s older. It’s from Willow & Griff and is such a magical design, I truly love it.

The Box

There are lots of options out there for Christmas Eve boxes from simple cardboard ones, crates and more sturdy boxes like this one. I chose to go for the personalised wooden box for Tommy’s first Christmas as I thought it would be nice to have one that we reuse every year. There were certain things I remember from my childhood at Christmas, the things we were excited to get out each year were always the things we remember the most. Hopefully, this box can give Tommy that magical, excited feeling, and whats better he’ll be able to look back at him using this box on his first ever Christmas.