As you head off into the big world, mum free for the first time, I think of all the things I want you to be. Every mother wants their child to be successful, smart, surrounding by friends and always happy, but the reality is, that existence does, well… exist. You will not always walk through the door knowing exactly what is ahead, there will be people you don’t get on with and the truth is there will be times when happiness is hard to come by. So instead I wish you these things.

I don’t wish for you to be beautiful

I wish for you to know your internal beauty and appreciate the beauty that lies within others

I don’t wish for you never to be bullied

But to be able to be happy enough in yourself to never let the words of others put you down. I also wish for your happiness to allow you to never feel the need to bully another.

I don’t wish for you to always be happy

But to know that in the Times when you’re not, there will always be somebody there to listen

I don’t wish for you to be wealthy

But to be able to be in control of your own destiny. To understand the value of a pound and how to earn it, but to also know that money isn’t everything.

I don’t wish for you to be successful

But to be determined enough to not let the fear of failure hold you back. And to know how to learn from your failures, to stand back up after a fall and allow that to make you stronger.

I don’t wish for you to travel the world

But to have the confidence to venture whether you desire, but to lso ahave to comfort of knowing you will always have a home.

I don’t wish for you to be intelligent

But I wish for you to be curious, to want to explore, learn and discover. And to know the power that lies in whatever knowledge you may hold.

I don’t wish for you to have lots of friends

But know the value of true friendship, to not get bogged down by ‘popularity’ but cherish those who truly care for you, the ones that celebrate your success and pick you up when you fall. And for you to truly care for others, and be able to cheer on and cheer up them too. And ultimately I wish you to be kind.